The microfibre towels

Raw material

The towels on offer are made of microfibre fabrics. The microfibre fabrics are produced from yarn made of synthetic polyester fibre having a diameter of less than ten micrometers (1μm = 1/1000mm). The cross-section of the fibre in a close-up nanostructure view is asteroid-shaped and hence a system of micro-canals is formed along each fibre in the cloth. For the sake of comparison, the diameter of cotton fibres is usually higher than 10 and can be as much as 30 micrometres. Moreover, the cross-section of a cotton fibre is round, which leads to a denser material structure than in the case of microfibres.


When compared to traditional towels made from natural fibres, microfibre towels are distinguished by:


The microfibre towels have a great range of applications. They can be successfully used i.a.:

Regardless of the area of use, microfibre towels are perfect as an advertising medium or a place for commemorative or occasional visual contents.


Depending on the surface finish, we offer the following types of microfibre towels:


The maximum width of the towels on offer is 140 cm. All smaller sizes that are available correspond with the division of that width by 2 and 4, and are 70 cm and 35 cm, respectively. The length can be customized.

Finish of listing

The listing of the microfibre towels can be done by:


The microfibre towels can be decorated with:


The microfibre towels are available in the standard palette of colours, including white. It is possible to personalize the colours on the basis of the PANTONE book of colour in the case of orders meeting the minimal dyeing batch requirement, which is at least 500 rm.

Wash & care instructions

Wash and care instructions for microfibre towels are as follows: